Happy / Sad / Why Do I bother getting up somedays

Hmm well give friend her birthday card + some flowers, drove all the way there and back, it’s not that far but it takes about 45 minutes each way, visited sister on way back, was still happy enough…. Came home and well 😦
Hmm lets see, how can I put this.. Dinner looked, well pass me the bin cos that’s where it’s going, it was something that was stew, not something I like at all, mother knows this and wondered why I didn’t want it… Geesus, I got a look like I don’t know what, felt great until that point now I just feel shit.
My Clan noticed this when I went to play couldn’t kill for shit, just kept dying and dying and dying and I said I didn’t really care…
Oh to be me. No you guys don’t wanna be me.. I think I’ll just go find a not very nice rock to hide under. I would have said pretty but it would probably be lifted and moved cos it’s pretty….

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