Mother’s Day

Hmm well got up, Since it’s mother’s day I’m cooking. I sometimes cook on a saturday and normally make a stirfry but since we had something different yesterday, we’re having it today..
Argh what a disaster 😦 erm I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the turkey was starting to go off a little, maybe it was the black bean sauce (too much / too little) maybe it was what else I added, which is roughly what I normally add but it just didn’t taste right – oh well Pizza Time later on eh..
Pizza hmm a House Special – Onion, Chicken, Ham, Peppers, Salami, Pepperoni, sweetcorn, basically also a bit of everything.. I was gonna get mum a small pizza with just ham & pineapple but no, She only wanted a slice of what I was gonna have so thus I got a Medium Pizza, 10″ if you must have exact sizes lol, went shopping for stuff I need for work, like milk as it’s up a 5:30 and I prefer to have most of that stuff bought so I goes in my backpack which goes with me to work rather than a plastic bag which will end up sitting on the front seat of car rather than in backpack behind driver’s seat.. Oh well I’ve made it this far..

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