Nephew’s Birthday

Well today is my nephew’s birthday, so how the little “angel” has made it to his 7th birthday.. No party this year, last year was well okay but “grandparents” can be a PITA.. Don’t ask… I saw him after work..
I got “Hello Uncle Gordon, where’s my present” said in the sweetest way… no card for him either, no cash on me felt *shit*… Give him hugs and stuff has piece of his birthday cake which he kindly offered me (after a little prompting from my sister) Gee it only seems yesterday that I was holding him in my arms and he was falling asleep in them.. Darn it I’m gonna cry…. Oh well I got a stay of execution because I know he got a lap counter from his dad for his birthday it fits on to the current skeletrix track he got for his christmas, he also has a “computer” of sorts, it has it’s own mouse and everything – looks good + a few more games that he can play on his mum’s pc… He’s really good a maths and stuff 🙂

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