Delayed Entry from yesterday

Well part of this entry should have been put in yesterday but was too tired to post an entry. Well what do you expect having to go out to car at 5:45am start it up and start to clear snow of it, make sure everything is clear of snow, lights are clean etc.. keeping hands warm, turning heater on in car as well to help defrost the windows. The slow drive to work, so you don’t wheel spin and end up in a ditch or into oncoming traffic.. Made it into work for a nice 12hr shift my colleague picked the right day to be off, boss phones in, he won’t be in. So it was just me, the Boss’s son and Company Tech manager, myself and the company secretary, in all day.. and I had nothing to do but watch snow in various places where we got cameras.. So i helped figure a new alarm system we got, works nice the highlight of the day, went home after 12hrs again slowly as it was clearish but was starting to freeze up, thankfully this morning was just about the same so cautious I was.. got to work 9hrs of bordem – not really much doing 😦 thank god i was able to leave at 4pm… Managed to get home lot faster as snow had been melting most of the day.. It however snowed on my colleagues down south – well serves them right for annoying me yesterday – I wished it on ’em worked too…
*yawns* Me going to sleep now… I’ll post again when I feel like it

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