What a waste of a day…

I woke up this morning and though no I don’t really wanna go into work today…
*yawn*… Well i thought I was going to be going and finishing off what I’d started yesterday as I hadn’t had enough time to complete what I needed to do, routers are not simple things… I know the manual for the router I’m using exists and it’s looks a good one but I wasn’t going to print out all 148 pages of it – adobe pdf’s are good when you got adobe installed on the machine, the machine doesn’t have internet access so no way of getting it on. I then found it on the laptop I’d been using to access the router on the place I was at yesterday.. darn it oh well that’s how I know how many pages it is..
Well I didn’t get anywhere today as I really feel for my boss on days like this,
one of the drivers we have managed to put the one of our vans into a lamppost (real cleaver) he’s fine but van has huge dent in it, we did have 3 vans at HQ now we have one, I think I said why the other wasn’t there (see previous posts) now we are down to the one, darn it.
Best thing of it was the van this particular bunch of drivers drive had been swapped over and was up here to get fixed and it never got swapped back and the van they dented was in fact one for up here so the alarm fitter would always have a van kitted out how he needed it..
Back to square one.. hmm yawn and to top it off I’m working early tomorrow and working on saturday too (all day!)

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