It almost went a bit Pete Tong…

Hmm you need to have seen the british film comedy “Kevin & Perry Go Large” or understand cockney ryhming slang to understand why i put the title as such basically “it’s all gone a bit pete tong” – it’s all gone a bit wrong…
what has you ask, my propects in the love stakes, heard a rumor that the person I think im falling in love with (why think – cos i don’t honestly know head is a bit out of it – hmm must be love eh) was going out with her girlfriends to pick up a date last friday.. Should have known better, gee I know her too well, seen right through that one in about oh 1 second flat..
So got into work today at 7am (Argh too early to even think about work)
Along comes 9am and in wonders the “love of my life” kinda person of course someone else was in who had swallowed the joke of hers, they asked how did friday go of course it went very well, she got completely and utterly drunk 🙂 good on her – she needed to blow of a bit of steam.. A good night was had with and she “pulled” a virtual boyfriend – well it’s the only way she could get 2 other colleagues off her back – they want us to get together lol oh the IRONY of it all..
Needless to say Mission Back on – Film on Friday Report on News at Tuesday(or wednesday or some other day)

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