Mission Aborted – Gone for a spliff

Hmm Mission Aborted, Gone for a spliff [say no to drugs]
(Nope just gone to the dentist actually)
Darn it, all set to go to pictures to see national treasure with my mate and she sends me a text message late last night saying she can’t, which I don’t mind at all..
Turns out she forgot she had a dental appointment – a minor one she hoped but it might be major and didn’t want to go as she would be in pain once the anastetic wore off.. I go okay “think on spot at work”
!!IDEA!! Invite self over – take a few DVD’s and make like a night at the movies kinda thing but maybe with some wine.. No go, turns out she sometimes she’ll get a migrane after dental work and all she wants to do is hide under the duvet away from the light – good idea.. Oh well another time I guess eh..

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One Response to Mission Aborted – Gone for a spliff

  1. Moogie says:

    Awwww…I’m sorry it fell through. Maybe you can go again soon. Have you set a new date?Moogie

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