Families who’d have ’em

Hmmm how can i erm put this…
I still live with my parents (hey it’s cheaper than trying to attempt to afford a place of my own) and have to put up with them midering on about stuff without actually doing anything about it (normally when drunk)
which brings me neatly to the point.. stubborn as a mule are my parents so am i in a way as are my 2 sisters..
I’m pig in the middle of it all even if i don’t wanna i hear both sides of the story even if i don’t wanna… I get info when I’m just literally in the door (i mean Im just in the door, my coat is just off and my backpack from work has just been put down and I get what’s happened that day in the face)
well when I go see my nephew (since I’m allowed to see him and my parents ain’t – they let me go cos they wanna know what’s going on basically)
I get the other side and I know it’s like hitting my head of a brick wall getting my sister to talk to our mother (hmm she took a year to speak the last time and that was over something far less serious – so if anyone is holding their breath you’ll expire 1st)
Thank god I can hide neatly in the attic, beside my pc’s where mother won’t go as she had a nasty fright (and so did I) when the last ladder collapsed on her (oh and she’s also put her foot through the plasterboard when she was up once..
I got the fright cos I was holding it and it slipped – hmm 2 – 3 inch shelf (okay it was chipboard but still strong) snapped in 2 when it happened, mother was painting around the hatch to the attic at the time.. hmm I was about 10 at the time so a long time ago..
If i think of anything else I’ll add it..
or maybe I’ll just move my diary to somewhere nicer lol – I wanna doddle board lol

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One Response to Families who’d have ’em

  1. Moogie says:

    Ugh..what a pain for you goph. I’m so sorry you have to go through that. Is there any way you can just tell them to deal with it themsselves and leave you out of the middle. You are so kind hearted..it’s not fair to do that to you. 😦

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