Christmas Day

Well what a fun day this has been, got up erm “late” – it was just morning, just 😉
Opened all the presents I had- hmm 5.1 surrond DVD + TV (got that earlier), Bottle of Bailey’s – hmm that will go down nice, Sweets – hmm well everyone gets the munchies now and then.. some PJ’s won’t go there, Shower gel and the like – hmm people trying to tell me something oh yeah they didn’t quite know what to get me lol. Hmm Went to see nephew – that was fun hmm i’m sure he was cheating when I was racing him around his new scaltrix track hmm, got a bottle of macmillan single malt whisky hmm more alchol for me 😉 and a robot shaped radio alarm clock from my newphew who has gone a bit robot mad this year..
He got one of those really cool robosapiens from santa but it don’t wanna play ball (might just have to call santa and tell him off) oh well time to crack open the bailey’s – oh did I mention my mate is here and he has even more baileys oh hope I don’t run out of ice…*hic*

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