Crash, Bang, Ouch!

Hmm next time I get the urge to take down a large whiteboard, kill me it will save me doing it later. NO i didn’t kill or injury myself or anyone else when taking it down, well i did but only a smallish bruise I hope… it Hurts like hell because it’s on the upper arm..
Had the idea of taking it down
Me – boss this board is off no use here can I take it down?
Boss – sure, no point in it being up there if it’s not being used…
(or words to that effect)
Me – Ok..
Took all the screws out bar one, yup it was the last one that sunk me, oh that and a minor problem with a barrier being “UP” that I went to take down… Brain in “neutral” for sure…
you can imagine what happened next…
the screw holding it to the wall was only just slackened… it moved sideways and down on this…
nothing to worry you thing nothing in the way I’ve been sensible and cleared it all away – wrong “Blonde” moment.. didn’t move Computer monitor out the way 1st and you guessed it , it went for a flying lesson straight to the floor. Now it don’t work and makes noises that it shouldn’t oh well have to figure out how to replace it temporaryly.. darn my shoulder hurts cos I got the board on the shoulder as I had to lever it out ..
Darn it call me BLONDE for sure..
had to laugh like either that or cry – oh well it wasn’t one of the companies monitors anyway it was someone elses and they ain’t got no spares oh well..

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