Don’t ya just hate them, on the way home from work taking another route because I fill up my car on a monday, nice simple and easy to remember if i do it every week. Done that expected a little bit more traffic than normal it being close to christmas and all but no – STANDSTILL! well rolling standstill and of course by time I realised there was a problem I was on the slip road and couldn’t get off..
Took me 40 minutes to go something like 3 miles or something like that.
Didn’t know there was roadworks on the road did I – thought I’ll take the next slip road off but no that’s the one they were working on 😐 God Darn It oh well after that of course road cleared was able to get up some speed – journey that normally takes 15 minutes took 50 was not best pleased shall we say.

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One Response to Roadworks

  1. Sezrah says:

    arrghhhh! i too hate that

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