Re: Website

Woo hoo got around to the last few pages tonight and it’s all complient well
not really but the 1 page that isn’t won’t ever be unless do a minor re-write of it and that’s gonna happen anyway as I’m tweaking that page and removing the code that is causing the fault to another page and doing the same thing in a different way. I’m toying with merging the entire sidebar + the “clock” – which is causing the problem because of the way I coded it – don’t ask HTML complience is a royal pain in the rear but useful if people see it and say well I wonder if he can help me 😀
so if you wanna go and visit this site and see (oh and feel free to leave comments private / public it don’t matter)
updates coming soon – it’s all there just some pages need refreshing they are a bit stale lol (go on say it why didn’t I update them when I was getting them complient – because I don’t know what to add / tweak yet lol)

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One Response to Re: Website

  1. Sezrah says:

    aha, nice to meet you and great website!that does it, i’m adding ya to me mates list (if thats ok)

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