A Bad Day / Good Day

Hmm got woken up to be told that someone who as far as I’m concerned should crawl under a rock and never be seen again, had turned up 😐 that really ****ed me off, great start to the day.
I had decided that maybe I should upgrade my graphics card but was only thinking about it until I got told, so I was to the Computer shop for some Retail Therapy – My Style.
Got a Nice New Graphics Card that runs like twice as fast as my old one, has 4x the video memory on it and what can I say runs sweeet as a nut..
oh boy tried it out on a game I normally have to have the fx down on, turned EVERYTHING to do with FX on in the game and I mean them all, played smooth and it was like Huh is this the same game… I could actually make stuff out clearer and from further away it was like OMG…
Got a few more games as well so gonna have fun playing them

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