The Unit / My Room

Well my room has been swept (great having a wooden floor) and all the dust removed and stuff, telephone system redone slightly as I don’t need a phone socket where I had it anymore lol… The unit got cleared out, the back taken off, put flat then disassmebled not like I did before (stupid head that I was), taken back down to my room, mum helped me here as it’s kinda difficult to move a piece of wood that is 6ft long and about 2 1/2 ft wide down a ladder as it’s kinda heavy.. so moved everything out of the way to rebuild it, rebuilt it in like hmm 20 minutes – god Im getting good at doing that. Oh well time to go get another unit for my PC to sit on, one that can handle my printer, scanner, 5.1, mouse /keyboard and erm a few other USB devices lol 🙂 Wow thats a long entry I need a drink.. AH much better nothing better that ice cold coke right from the fridge (god bless mini-fridges)

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