Dang another HOT day at the office, and My office was kinda one of the coolest, have hinted to the MD we need A/C but erm doubt we’ll get it as were “renting” the offive space… so absolutly no chance of it… 😦 Dang Need To get a Huge Water Cooling System Built into the Office 😀 hmm wonder how many CPU Heat Exchangers I can manage to fit in that Rack…. *grins Evily*
Mind you suggested it to the MD and he didn’t like the Idea. Water and Micro Electronic Boxes which cost ££££ might not mix 😐 *oh well*
Thank God Once I got home I could change into something a bit more cooler… My “T in the Park” T-shirt and shorts… (not a pretty sight lol) and of course be able to get some nice “liquid refreshment” to cool down 😉

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One Response to Hmmmmmmm

  1. fortune says:

    They should let you go home if it’s too hot to work 😀

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