Day 3 of my Shift at Work

Argh… Dang Security Manager is “ill”, so is my supervisor but He had phoned in 1st, so I suspect maybe the Manager is pulling a fast one…
oh and our H & S Officer is erm “recovering” after going to T in The Park (swine) apparently he went there nursing a cold *twit*
Oh Well thankfully a little less work to do today…
Only One thing about having like erm a dozen 14 TV Monitors + ( 14 Video Recivers + other bits of Equipment in a 19″ Rack Cabinet) it gets bloody warm even on a dull day so it’s BLOODY WARM now… even with a couple of fans… hmm got a fan like hmm 2 feet away from me kept me cool when I was sitting at my desk… no good if I had to move to file paperwork 😐 Need A/C

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