Holiday Feeling Wearing off…

Well The holiday feeling wore off about oh let me see 20 minutes after I got home… Dang Parents I didn’t need to know half the stuff they told me but that’s parents for ya… Oh yeah Back to Work on Tuesday for another 8 days 😦
Would have added this yesterday but I’m trying to keep my entries per day down 😛 as if that will stop me…
Oh well time to go find some thing to drink that may / may not be alcohol…

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2 Responses to Holiday Feeling Wearing off…

  1. fortune says:

    Ah, what is it about parents? The only time they ever call me to tell me something is when I’m on the phone, or watching TV, or having a bath or shower.They just don’t seem to understand!

  2. jenjea says:

    Hehe know that feeling!Mine have perfected turning up at the exact wrong moment 😉

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