A Brief History of Me….

Hmm… Well Now lets see.. Im 28 so this is gonna be a brief history…
I used to like going to school and stuff, even if I was picked on cos I was a “smart” kid, so I could do math quickly in my head, so what lol never saw the harm in that, others did Im not the biggest guy either and my spine is curved (don’t ask I may explain that one later)… I’ve “done” University – a couple of years that were in a way the best years and in others very dark, black, horrible staring into the abyss of death type years where the only thing that saved me was that if I killed myself – I had it all worked out how I was gonna do myself in – I would be hurting my Uni friends, some of my family and most of all My Dog who alas had to be put down about 5 years ago.. After Uni I didn’t do much just drifted around did a few courses, applied for and “looked” for work to keep the Employment Services people Happy… During this time I suppose you could say I found myself, very wierd still can’t explain it so don’t ask…
Then a few years ago I met a girl who I had talked to over the phone and agreed to meet up with just to be her friend (Im being serious here)… Well I would say 5 minutes was all it took for her to steal my heart and we’ve been together ever since…
That Will do for now… More General Ramblings when I can be bothered lol

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